Napoleon Thermostatic Hand Held Battery Operated Remote with Digital Screen - F60

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Unless you have used or previously owned this remote, then you simply don't know what you're missing out on! With a convenient and easy to use display screen, this F60 Napoleon Thermostatic Hand Held Battery Operated Remote with Digital Screen is the number one choice when it comes to controlling your Napoleon Heating Appliances. But what makes this remote so phenomenal? Not only is this remote extremely easy to install, this remote also features a convenient on/off switch, thermostat control, a battery-operated, hand held design, and an easy-to-read, user friendly digital screen. But the feature that really draws customers in is the convenient and easy to set up 2º temperature swing, allowing you to make sure that room temperature remains at your desired preference. For example, if you want the room to remain at 69º, then the temperature swing will turn your heating appliance on at 68º and off at 70º, allowing you to maintain complete control. This remote can also be set to check room temperature every 60 seconds and react accordingly, adjusting to your set preferences, assuring that you remain comfortable at all times. This remote comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to assure long life!


  • Convenient On/Off Control
  • Easy to Use Thermostat Control
  • Battery Operated
  • Hand-Held
  • Digital Display Screen
  • 2º Temperature Swing - keeps temperature at desired preference 
  • Monitor room temperature every 60 seconds and react accordingly
  • Compatibale with most Naploeon Heating Appliances
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Reviews (1)

Richard Young 4th Jan 2017

Simple Installation

When I bought my house there was a new Napoleon gas stove (vented) in the converted attic. Nice touch to the room but no way to control the heat. I worried that the pipes in the bathroom would freeze if I couldn't control the heat. The F60 Remote Control solved the problem and now I don't have to even think about it. I installed it myself in less than an hour and it works flawlessly. Not sure why the previous owner would buy the stove and not the remote but that was then and this is now.